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Sell ETH (ETH) Crypto Trade – Aug 14, 2019
Closed @ 207.72 (USD) (+44% $) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We sold our Ethereum trade against USD. While in BTC the trade went down we could make a good profit [...]
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Buy EOS (EOS) Crypto Trade – JUL 7, 2019
Open @ 0.00051420 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We bought EOS and believe it will jump soon upwards. View is the 3-month chart. Eos (EOS) should reach soon the BTC [...]
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Sell Eos Crypto Trade (+4.6%) – July 1, 2019
Closed @ 0.0005307 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade. We closed our Eos Crypto Trade with +4.6% profit. Eos moved up but is a little powerless so we decided to close [...]
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