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We choose coins with specific indicators which we believe have a high expectation to gain value. We do not leverage! Usually we hold them only a few days up to 3 months. We post every new trade here so you can monitor our trade results. Absolutely free!

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Buy LTC (LTC) Crypto Trade – AUG 14, 2019

Open @ 0.00795700 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We bought Litecoin (LTC). Litecoin (LTC) should reach soon the BTC level around 0.096000 BTC where we set the profit limit. Here you find the Litecoin Chart at the time when we executed the trade.

Sell ETH (ETH) Crypto Trade – Aug 14, 2019

Closed @ 207.72 (USD) (+44% $) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We sold our Ethereum trade against USD. While in BTC the trade went down we could make a good profit in USD. The USD value of our Ethereum trade raised almost twice compared to the drop against Bitcoin, so we could close the trade against […]

Buy EOS (EOS) Crypto Trade – JUL 7, 2019

Open @ 0.00051420 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We bought EOS and believe it will jump soon upwards. View is the 3-month chart. Eos (EOS) should reach soon the BTC level around 0.0005960 BTC where we set the profit limit.

Sell ETC (ETC) (+2.4%) Crypto Trade – JUL 7, 2019

Closed @ 0.00081800 (BTC) (+2.4%) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We sold Ethereum Classic (ETC) with a profit of 2.4%. All coins are at the moment with a low volatility and we think it’s better to close it with profit and wait for a better opportunity.

Buy ETC (ETC) Crypto Trade – JUL 2, 2019

Open @ 0.00079900 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade Ethereum Classic (ETC) will jump soon upwards. This is our prediction based on the 3 months chart. We expect that Ethereum Classic (ETC) will reach sooner or later the BTC level around 0.00096600 BTC where we set the profit limit.

Sell Tezos (XTZ) (+5.5%) Crypto Trade – Jul 2, 2019

Closed @ 0.0000879 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade. We sold today Tezos (XTZ) @ 0.0000879 (BTC) with +5.5% profit. It went up as expected but got slower in the past few hours so we closed the trade.

Buy Tezos (XTZ) Crypto Trade – Jul 1, 2019

Open @ 0.00008330 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade. We bought today Tezos (XTZ). It should go upwards now… The indicator is our 3 month chart view. Our maximum profit limit rate is set @ 0.00015 Bitcoin.

Sell Eos Crypto Trade (+4.6%) – July 1, 2019

Closed @ 0.0005307 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade. We closed our Eos Crypto Trade with +4.6% profit. Eos moved up but is a little powerless so we decided to close the trade with a profit of +4.6%. Here is the chart as of our close date.

Buy Eos (EOS) Crypto Trade – Jun 28, 2019

Open @ 0.0005072 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade. The Eos Crypto Currency value is weak and on the support level around 0.00050 (BTC) in the long-term chart. As a next move we expect that it will do a correction upwards.

Sell Monero (XMR) (+3.8%) Crypto Trade – Jun 28, 2019

Closed @ 0.00819500 (BTC) – Seedbase Crypto Trade We closed our Monero (XMR) Crypto Trade @ 0.00819500 (BTC) See also the supporting Monero chart. 

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